We were the pioneers of Vancouver Island for applying UAV technology to the natural resource industries.  As such, we are experts at understanding how companies can improve efficiency and safety by operating UAVs.  We are open to meeting with companies to listen and understand their needs.  We provide guidance on becoming certified by Transport Canada, can train new pilots, and recommend best practices to flying safe.

Transport Canada Certification

If an organization wants to become certified with Transport Canada, we are willing to help with the process.  We recognize that many operations will benefit in owning and operating their own UAV fleet.  Having acquired multiple Special Flights Operations Certificates (SFOC) from Transport Canada, we are very familiar with the process.  We can help train employees in using UAVs safely and develop checklists and operations manuals.  We will examine which UAV best suits your needs, recommend insurance providers, and streamline the SFOC writing process so that you get approved quickly.  It is a tedious process and we can mitigate the headaches to help you save time and money to get certified.

TC Certified

Cost / Benefit Analysis

Our staff is happy to meet with your team to discuss the advantages (or disadvantages) of utilizing UAVs.  Our company believes in detailed business planning and forecasting before making decisions.  We will prepare an MBA-style cost/benefit analysis of using UAVs to help you decide if making an UAV investment is right for your business.  Although UAVs are impressive technology, we provide the hard facts and figures to help you decide.

Schools / Non-profits

We believe community involvement is important and want to give back to Vancouver Island.  One way we give back is through UAV education and teaching at schools.  Please let us know if you are a school and have a class or program that would benefit from learning or applying UAV technology.  We typically do an educational classroom session followed by an outdoor demonstration.  Students love it!

We are also happy to do free or discounted work for non-profit organizations or charities.  We like to help when we can, either through direct UAV work or by volunteering employee hours.