We use aerial imagery to help companies monitor inventory of their booming yards.  Counting log bundles from aerial imagery saves time and money.  It also provides excellent documentation that can be shared and reviewed in the office or field.  Bundles can be counted by species and sort identified.  We offer a combination of high resolution maps, still photos, and video to ensure the job is done right.

Digital Documentation

High resolution maps can be used to inventory log bundles.  Managers can annotate on the maps to record data and share it with all stakeholders involved in the operation.  In this map, the log bundles to the south and east have been counted and recorded.  To the north, the number of boom sticks in in each pen has been documented.

Boom Inventories

Determine Species and Sort

We can capture images within meters of the logs to capture every detail.  Species of the logs can be recorded, as well as the sort.  The bundles in the photo are a mix of Douglas Fir, Hemlock, and Cedar.  The logs have not been sorted and are different species, diameters, and lengths.  This imagery makes it easy to see, record, and share data.

Booming Ground Videos

Videos allow the manager to see the booming grounds from a variety of heights and angles to collect greater data and verify what was seen in the maps and photos.  Videos can be paused or re-watched to assess the scene in greater detail.  This video is a short clip of two separate areas with second growth logs.

Our trained pilots are also RPFs.  Making the right decisions by having the best data is the foundation for good forest management.