Large construction projects often take months, if not years, to complete.  Having aerial imagery is the best way to doucment project progress to present to all stakeholders involved.  It also gives construction managers an accurate look at which stage construction is at.

Time Lapse 

Our UAVs are equipped with GPS and can program in waypoints with exact coordinates and elevation.  This allows for us to fly back and return to the same spot over and over again to capture identical imagery to show how construction progress has advanced over time.  Time lapse imagery is the best way to document and monitor a construction project over any time period.

Time Lapse - North Island Hospitals - VIHA

Movie Updates

Another great way to keep stakeholders informed is through periodical videos.  These edited movies illustrate achievements to date, discuss timelines and what the next phases are for construction, all while showcasing the progress with strong visual images.  Check out the video to see an excellent example of engaging interested parties that Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) has created using our footage.