Solar Panel Inspections

Inspecting solar panels with drones is more efficient and safer than traditional methods. It is ideal for ensuring that all cells in the panels are functioning properly.  We use a combination of thermal imagery, visible light imagery, and special software to identify for any problems with each individual solar panel.

Detect Malfunctioning Panels

When a solar panel (or cell) stops working properly, it will stop absorbing the sun’s heat to create energy.  Instead, it will reflect heat and become a different temperature than the surrounding panels.  Using thermal imagery, we can easily hone in on these broken cells and identify the malfunctioning panel or cells.  Each panel will be inspected using software for temperature irregularities.

Live Output Feed

While conducting the inspections, we have a real-time video feed that shows us what the drone is seeing.  If an issue is noticed in a solar panel or cell, it can be immediately inspected to determine if it is serious.  We also run the imagery through special software that detects irregularities and potential problems in the solar panels.