Ortho Mapping

High resolution maps of small to medium areas used to be financially unfeasible as they required using manned aircraft.  UAVs are a disruptive technology that has enabled very targeted mapping projects at affordable rates.  Mapping outputs can be viewed via cloud websites, GoogleEarth, or ArcGIS.

Superior Resolution

UAVs fly at a low elevation which allows for better resolution of ground features.  Our pixel resolution is between 2 to 5 cm, allowing for every detail to be noticed.  To put it in perspective, GoogleEarth pixel resolution is typically 30 cm.  Superior resolution is useful in making management decisions and assessments.

The imagery below shows the difference between the two.  Notice the fine detail in the skylights on the roof, the chairs and tables on the deck, and the sitting water in the sand trap.

Our Resolution

Our Resolution

Standard Resolution

Google Resolution

Take Measurements and Data

The imagery is so sharp and geospatially correct that measurements can be recorded on it.  Our UAVs all have built in GPS, additionally we can take ground control points to pinpoint locations.  Horizontal distances and area polygons can be recorded based on the imagery, eliminating the need for ground surveying.

This map was captured in a park after a hard rainfall where flooding occurred.  Management wanted to know the exact area that was impacted to decide if they should take preventative actions for future rainfall events.

Map of Flooding

Key Benefits

  • Superior resolution (under 5 cm/pixel)
  • Quick turnaround from flight to completed map (under 24 hours)
  • Geospatially accurate
  • Repeatable – can fly exact area in future
  • Cost effective