Digital Surface Models (DSM)

Digital surface models can be created using photogrammetry to produce highly accurate point clouds, similar to LiDAR.  The most common application for DSMs are volume calculations of stock piles, and surveying remaining material still to be excavated in open face quarries and mines.

Stockpile Surveys

Stockpile Volume Surveys

Large stockpiles of material (gravel, dirt, pulp chips, etc) can be quickly measured and surveyed using digital surface models.  Excavated pits can also be measured to determine the volume removed.  UAV surveys are more accurate than traditional surveying techniques due to the millions of points used and offer a cheaper and safer alternative.

Highly Accurate Data

Rather than just a limited number of survey points like traditional surveying, our point clouds are made up of millions of points.  More points to measure with results in extremely detailed survey results.  We had the opportunity to compare our drone survey numbers to a traditional survey and the numbers were nearly identical.

Quick Data Turnaround

We understand that our clients need stockpile survey data to make important decisions.  We guarantee that within 24 hours of the survey, we will deliver a report that has all the necessary information.  All reports will include regular camera imagery and the elevation DSM imagery and a detailed volume analysis for each stockpile.